Commercial Railing Designs & Stainless Steel

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Course Title: Commercial Railing Designs & Stainless Steel

AIA Course Number: GA-102D

Course Credit: AIA One Learning Unit (HSW)

Learning Objectives:
1) Understand the various commercial railing types and designs.

2) Understand safety features and product design options for Stainless Steel railings

3) Understand the critical design performance criteria and options with Stainless Steel

4) Understand the essential building codes and industry standards for commercial railings

How to take this course: Click on the video above to view the AIA on-demand course. Once you have completed the video course you will need to take the 10 question test by clicking  on the  “Take Video Course Test” button below. Once you complete the test and score 80% or higher you will receive your certificate of completion and AIA credit if you are an AIA member.