Alumiview™ Windscreen


The Alumiview™ Windscreen is an extension of our Alumiview™ guardrail system. This modular windscreen system is designed with similar components as our Alumiview™  system – all aluminum post with a glass infill. There are no top or bottom caps required. The windscreen system is designed with a 9/16” thick glass infill from 4′ to 8′ tall. Glass heights, thickness, and post spacing designs will be dictated by desired aesthetics and the wind loads calculations. The post aluminum finish can be powder coated, Kynar, or anodized. The clean, contemporary-looking windscreen system is easy to install, with options for a core drill plate mount that can create a radius without the expense of bent glass.

Alumiview windscreen-2
Alumiview windscreen-1
Alumiview windscreen-2 Alumiview windscreen-1

Alumiview™ Windscreen KEY FEATURES

• Aluminum Railings with powder, Kynar, or anadized finishes

• Stainless Steel Railings

• Pre-wired with no visible cables

• Retro fit option with mechanically attached bracket systems

• Can be fully welded into a custom specifica application

• Transparent or frosted plastic covers

• Linear lighting rail

• Cool white light or neutral white color temperature

• 1.5” diameter rail

Alumiview™ Windscreen Details & CAD

Alumiview detail image


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