GRECO South – Railing Products


GRECO’s wide selection of glass railings, stainless railings, and aluminum railings offers architects, designers, and owners the perfect railing or guardrail system for any retrofit or new construction commercial project.

GRECO designs, engineers, manufacturers, and installs all of their own products. GRECO railings, guardrails, and metal products have been the choice of owners, designers, and general contractors for over twenty years.

Stainless Steel Cable Railing


GRECO Stainless Steel Railings offer an affordable, durable, versatile and contemporary or traditional look for both commercial or residential projects. GRECO can offer standard stainless steel components and railing systems or custom designs to create a unique and one-of-a-kind railing solution.

Stainless steel can be fabricated with a range of finishes, stainless steel can be brushed, polished, powder-coated, and plated easily. It resists corrosion very well and has the capability to maintain its luster for a long time, and maintenance requirements are low.

Stainless steel (like steel) is stronger and more durable than other metals and therefore allows for leaner designs to be employed in railings. The major advantage of stainless steel over steel is that it is more resistant to corrosion.

Greco Aluminum Railings at UF


Aluminum Railing Systems are commonly specified for the economical benefits achieved in the fabrication and installation procedures. The vertical design minimizes the possibility of climbability within the system while providing an open and secure atmosphere. GRECO Picket Railing Systems allow for maximum airflow, unobstructed views and low maintenance. The components are completely welded to certify a solid, rattle-free railing.

GRECO offers custom, welded railings to meet any design requirement. Any traditional railing system can be designed with aluminum such as picket railings, glass railings, pipe railings, and custom ornamental railings in the industry. GRECO offers the highest quality aluminum railings. GRECO designs, engineers, and manufacturers and installs all of their custom aluminum railings.

Glass Railings


GRECO Glass Railings offer designers and owners a distinctive line of glass railings for commercial and multi-family construction. Our portfolio of glass railing includes frameless glass railings, continuous top railing glass deck, post to post glass railings, structural glass railings, and glass deck railing pickets. From custom fabricated glass railings to component glass railing systems, GRECO has the right system for your project. 

All GRECO glass railing systems offer clean sightlines allowing minimally obstructed views with the most contemporary designs. Sytems designs include both wet glazed and dry glazed glass railings with traditional post or shoe molding.

g lights image 1


GRECO G-Light™ provides LED lighting built right into the rail system with state-of-the-art, low-voltage LED light strips. G-Light™ can be used in new railings or retrofit applications offering a decorative feature and illumination for safety and the perfect ambiance for any outdoor or indoor architectural space. Numerous design options are available with the type of lighting including a cool white light, or neutral white color temperature.  G-Light™ is a continuous LED strip offering a versatile design and a full 120-degree beam spread for the ultimate under-rail lighting.

The multitude of advantages of LED lighting include sustainability, safety, energy efficiency, and longevity. LED railings offer direct and indirect light intensity with low power consumption with a low voltage DC power supply. GRECO’s G-Light™ can be incorporated with a variety of GRECO’s railing products and designs as well as other railing systems.

9 Surface Mounted Tube Rail_02


GRECO’s Alumiview™ Guardrail is a modular, commercial, all aluminum, and glass guard rail system for decks and pools.  There are no top or bottom caps required. The system options include a 7/16” thick glass infill at 42” or 48” tall. The clean, contemporary-looking rail system is easy to install, with options for a core drill plate mount that can create a radius without the expense of bent glass.

The Alumiview™ product line will include a matching windscreen option with heights that will range from 42″ to 96″’. Glass heights, thickness, and post spacing designs will be dictated by desired aesthetics and wind loads calculations. The posts’ aluminum finish can be powder coated, Kynar, or anodized.

Alumiview windscreen-1


The Alumiview™ windscreen is an extension of our Alumiview™ guardrail system. This modular windscreen system is designed with similar components as our Alumiview™  system – all aluminum post with a glass infill. There are no top or bottom caps required. The windscreen system is designed with a 7/16” thick glass infill from 42″ to 96″ tall. Glass heights, thickness, and post spacing designs will be dictated by desired aesthetics and the wind loads calculations. The post aluminum finish can be powder coated, Kynar, or anodized. The clean, contemporary-looking windscreen system is easy to install, with options for a core drill plate mount that can create a radius without the expense of bent glass.



The New G-Blade™ railing system from GRECO is a stylish, blade-like post system that can accommodate a variety of panel infills. The G-Blade is an affordable modular railing system that is available in both stainless steel and aluminum. The aluminum system is available with a variety of finishes including a powder coat finish with custom colors, a Kynar high-performance coating or an anodized finish.

Designers and owners will love this ultra-contemporary railing design with minimal obstructions to the line of sight. Contractors will save money and time with this easy-to-install system.



The New G-Blade™ windscreen system from GRECO is a design extension of the G-Blade railing system. Building of the G-Blade’s stylish, blade-like post system, the windscreen version is engineered to provide protection from the elements for exterior hospitality designed spaces such as outdoor restaurants, balconies, pool areas, elevated overlooks, and balconies dividers. The G-Blade windscreen ranges from 4 feet to 6 feet high.