Five Reasons to Considering Exterior Glass Railings on Your Next Project

May 24, 2021

There are plenty of railing systems to choose from when designing your next project. Whether you’re looking for material to provide excellent safety or an aesthetic feature, many options only give you one purpose while compromising on the other. If you’re looking for the perfect railing material that provides a wide array of benefits, look no further than glass railings.

Exterior glass railings are the perfect design choice for creating a modern and elegant touch to any project. Today they are typically made with laminated glass, making them strong against common cracks while maintaining malleable characteristics. If you are still wondering which railing material is right for your next project, here are five reasons to consider exterior glass railings.

Allows Unobstructed Aesthetic Views

The Sinclair Condo with Glass Railings

One of the most desired design trends is light and open rooms with beautiful unobstructed views. Exterior glass railing systems allows for natural light to flow through the railing and windows or glass doors providing the ultimate open concept to any space.

Other railing systems such as wood or metal can have a bulky structure, blocking natural sunlight and decreasing visibility. Glass railings offer a timeless design that gives a sleek aesthetic to any building. The best places to install glass railings include balconies, outdoor patios, rooftop decks, stairwells, meaaznines, and common areas providing expansive views.

Requires Little Maintenance

St Elmo in London with glass railings

A highly desired trait of glass railing systems is the minimal maintenance it requires. Unlike other railing materials such as aluminum or wood, glass railings do not require polishing, painting or staining to maintain their appearance.

When railing systems are located outside and deal with harsh elements, they wear and tear easily. Exposure to sunlight, rain, wind, and debris causes most railing systems to rust, rot, and wither away. Wood or metal railings have a shorter  life and are more expensive to upkeep. Glass railings, on the other hand, don’t require special polish to maintain their shine. The only maintenance required to keep glass railings looking brand new is an occasional cleanings with soap and water or window cleaner. Because of this simple maintenance requirement, you won’t be exceeding your budget on upkeep for your railing system.

Offers Safety and Durability

Glass railing around outdoor pool

Occupants of your property should feel safe and secure while venturing around the space. One of the more obvious purposes of a railing system is to add safety to the design. Exterior glass railings prove to be one of the more safe and durable railing systems available. They are relatively easy to install and protect against accidental falls, high winds, heavy rainfall, and other extreme weather. Unlike other railing systems, glass railings provide a solid panel of material that prevents children, pets, and other small objects from slipping through or getting stuck.

Glass railing systems are highly durable. Because glass railings are made with laminated glass, they can withstand corrosion due to water exposure, crack from radical temperatures, or color distortion due to sun exposure. Glass railings will maintain their sleek appearance for years.

Offers Design Versatility

22 Walmer Apartments with Blue Glass Railings

To the delight of any architect, glass railings are very versatile. They can be customized to fit any unique design or purpose. Whether you’re looking to add more open visibility, pops of color, or aesthetic privacy, glass railings can be treated to fit the design. Glass can be customized to change its shape, size, and transparency. Cut the glass to add interesting designs to the texture or frost the surface of the glass to add subtle privacy. Glass railing systems can be customized to offer any design for residential or commercial spaces.

Increases a Property’s Market Value

PuraVida Condos in Clearwater Beach with Glass Railings

Exterior glass railings offer a timeless design that increases a property’s market value. For those who are looking to flip a condo or increase the value of their commercial space, glass railings are an excellent investment to make. They require little maintenance after installation, which keeps the cost low to new investors. They also bring a level of sophistication that is desired in most properties. Because of their transparent nature, structures with glass railings appear larger than they actually are, which can help increase the property’s selling potential.

Exterior Glass Railings at GRECO

GRECO Railing Red logo

If you’re looking to use glass railings on your next project, you want to make sure you work with the right people for the job. GRECO designs, engineers, manufacturers, and installs all of their products, including glass railings with laminated safety glass, available in clear or tinted colors. As an industry leader, GRECO offers innovative designs, outstanding customer service, and unparalleled technical support. Contact GRECO for your next project.