GRECO’s architectural metal products offers architects, contractors and owners, custom, engineered, fabricated metal products. Our metal products can be designed to complement our railings or can be a design element of their own. Our portfolio of products include trellises, canopies, sunshades, louvers, screen walls and more.
GRECO trellises can provide shade, protection and a unique architectural element of visual attraction. Our trellis systems can be engineered and designed to meet the most creative project requirements. Our standard and custom finishes can provide the exact desired aesthetics with durability and low maintenance.

GRECO aluminum canopies provide shade, cover, rain protection and can enhance a buildings entrance, outside patio or any outdoor space. Our engineering team can work with Designers and owner on creating one of kind canopy designs.

GRECO custom aluminum sunshades are ideal for adding an architectural interest to any building while providing shade and managing heat gain control into the interior space. Our sunshade finishes are available in standard or custom colors while providing a long-term, high-performance product.
GRECO custom louvers offer an architectural element that can provide protection, shad, sun control, and equipment screening. Our aluminum louvers can be designed to specific project and code specifications with multiple finish options.


GRECO screen walls and grills are architectural vision barriers that can add interest, depth and dimension to the exterior of any building. Our screen walls are engineered and designed to meet your required design, performance and code criteria with standard and custom finishes available.