New AIA Course from GRECO

Nov 18, 2022

GRECO Announces New Continuing Education Course for
Architects and Designers on Building Codes for Commercial Railings

GRECO is excited to announce their newest continuing education course for architects and designers: “Designing Code-Compliant Railing Systems.” 

This course is AIA (American Institute of Architects) approved, offering architects one learning unit for health, safety, and welfare. This AIA course provides a guide to building codes and standards related to handrails, guardrails, and glass railings for commercial applications.

This is GRECO’s third AIA course and is part of the company’s continuing education program, helping architects and industry professionals understand critical topics related to railing designs, methods of construction, building codes, and much more.

“We are excited to be introducing our third AIA course on commercial railings,” says Matt Palmer, President of GRECO’s U.S. Operations, “We continue to invest time and money in this initiative. As an organization and industry leader, we understand the importance of providing quality education and information on commercial railings.”

GRECO has three AIA courses: “Designing Code-Compliant Railing Systems,” “Commercial Railing Designs & Stainless Steel,” and “Designing with Aluminum Railings in Commercial Applications.” All courses are available online in a video format and live through requested Lunch+Learn presentations.  To view GRECO’s AIA Courses, visit: