GRECO’s wide selection of architectural railing systems are ideal for new construction and retrofit applications. Greco designs, engineers, manufacturers, and installs all of their own products. Used in all types of projects, from simple residential buildings to complex high-rise structures, Greco railings have been the choice of owners, designers, and general contractors for over twenty years.


GRECO Stainless Steel Railings offer an affordable, durable, versatile and contemporary or traditional look for both commercial or residential projects. GRECO can offer standard stainless steel components and railing systems or custom designs to create a unique and one-of-a-kind railing solution.

Glass railing systems are specified to enhance a building’s architectural features and provide the user with the maximum amount of visibility. GRECO glass railing systems typically 7/16” laminated safety glass, available in clear, or tinted colors. A popular design option incorporates welded decorative patterns with glass to create a striking appearance.
Aluminum railing systems are commonly specified for the economical benefits achieved in the fabrication and installation procedures. The vertical design minimizes the possibility of climbability within the system while providing an open and secure atmosphere. GRECO Picket Railing Systems allow for maximum airflow, unobstructed views and low maintenance. The components are completely welded to certify a solid, rattle-free railing.
GRECO Cable Railings offer designers and owners unobstructed views while meeting all the safety requirements for railings. Cable railings can provide flexible design options that can blend with any design in both commercial an residential applications.
GRECO offers both standard and custom decorative panels offering an endless choice of options to create a unique architectural design for each and every project. GRECO offers a variety of design options that limit views and create privacy. Product options include solid or perforated metal panels, as well as, obscure glass. All privacy screens are manufactured to meet the project’s specific aesthetic and performance needs.
A unique and inexpensive way to create a design feature on the façade of the building is to introduce one of GRECO’s powder coated aluminum slab edge treatments. The addition of this aluminum cladding can coordinate with the window wall and metal building panels that are typically used on today’s buildings. These panels can be powder coated in the same color as the railing system or color matched to the window/curtain wall system. They can either be mounted to the balcony surface, or installed integral with the railing system. They also provide the economic benefit of not having to finish and maintain the normally expose slab edge which can become stained over time with water run-off from the balcony surface.